Bio: The top three things in my life are my faith, my family and my food.

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  1. Cara, Loving your Blog. I was wondering if you could tell us the hostels or hotels you are staying at too. I’m about to take this journey in a month and would love recommendations or warnings. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to see what’s next on your adventure.

    1. Aw thanks for your kind comments, so far I have not had any bad experiences with hostels. We booked through hostel world.com, You can pretty much tell if a place will be good by reading the reviews. In Wroclaw, Poland we stayed at grampa’s hostel which looked a little sketchy on the outside, but was extremely nice on the inside. Prague was out nicest hostel so far. We stayed at prague centre hostel, it was so nice because we had a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom to our selves. In Vienna we stayed at wombats city hostel-the base. All of the hostels so far have been wonderful, if you just take your time to read the reviews you will be fine. We did spend a little bit more money on location, so we have never had to take public transportation in the cities.

      1. Cara, Thank you so much for all the information. I look forward to more of your blog posts. You writing style and photo are inspiring. Stay safe out there and Enjoy.
        Sincerely, Michelle
        ps. Do you recommend any smart phone apps, must haves?

      2. thanks :)………..I don’t have an international phone data plan, but I do have the hostel world ap on my iPhone, which I can use when I get wifi. Also I don’t know how you are traveling, but since I am going by train I also have the kindle ap on my iPhone in order to read, which helps pass the long hours of traveling.

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